Food, Happiness & Appreciation

Food makes people happy. No doubt about it. There are lots of literature discussing how the ingredients used in cooking foods affect people’s behavior. But even without personal accounts or scientific journals telling us that food makes us happy, we know this from experience.

This is probably how the term “comfort food” was coined. We turn to our favorite foods from childhood, or foods we associate with happy  thoughts, when we are inundated with the daily stresses of life. We associate food with fun and enjoyment, so parties are not complete without food.

Of course, as with everything else, moderation is the key word to food and happiness. Stuffing our faces with ice cream, junk foods, or any other food is not the path to happiness. Moderation is probably not what most of us are thinking when we are sad or stressed and taking comfort from food. But our stomach will thank us later when we use our discipline to stop when our brain says to stop.

Say “Thank You” with Food

When someone does something for us that pleased us, we say “thank you.” The phrase “thank you” when uttered sincerely can hold great weight. Add even more weight to it by saying “thank you” with food. How do we say “thank you” with food? There are countless ways.

When a friend was kind enough to care for your pet dog while you were away, return the favour by giving that friend a loaf of bread, a box of chocolate cookies, or a delicious pie. For your friends who helped you move stuff or do work in your garden, the perfect way to say “thank you” is invite them over to your house for some home-cooked meal, whether it’s just barbeque over the weekend or a full course meal for dinner.

For acquaintances or co-workers, it could be something you can bake or cook fast, or a delicious something you purchased from the bakery. There are many foods you can give to say “thank you.” Always be creative, but never insincere. Food is great way to show your appreciation, whether it is sweet or savoury, home cooked or store bought.

Whether you are cooking a full meal or buying bread or cookies from the store, make sure to find out what the recipient likes. Your “thank you” may be heartfelt, but it could a little awkward if the person you are gifting with blueberry cheesecake does not have a sweet tooth, or the recipient of your peanut butter cookies has a peanut allergy.

Give the Gift of Food

There are many occasions when food truly shows how much you care. When people close to you had just had a baby, recovering from an illness, grieving, experiencing a heartbreak or just moved to a strange city, your gift of food can comfort them as it shows someone is thinking about them.

You can go the traditional route of cooking or baking, or arranging a gift basket yourself. Or you can go the easy, more modern way by purchasing gift baskets or hamper gifts online. They are ready made and will be delivered right on the doorstep of the recipient. This is in no way impersonal as some people may think. Care and consideration still go in choosing the perfect gift basket to show your appreciation.